Harvesting & Thinning

Thinning/Harvesting Operations

Thinning is best described as the selective removal of inferior stems in order to favor the growth of the remainder better quality stems. It is a normal and essential part of most forest crop rotations, and is essential if crops are to produce the maximum number of high value logs and consequently increase profitability. Thinning is generally undertaken 2 to 5 times over a forest rotation depending on the productivity of the crop.

Step 1 – Contact Axe Forestry

It is essential that thinning be carried out correctly and on time. For your free site assessment and thinning consultation to find out when your crop is ready to be thinned please contact Axe Forestry Ltd.

Step 2 – Site Assessment & Licence Procurement

Your local forester will come and assess your plantation for quality, stocking etc. and to ensure that it the right time for thinning/harvesting of your forestry plantation. After the site assessment and consultation process has been carried out Axe Forestry Ltd will apply for your Tree Felling Licence (TFL) on your behalf. This is a legal requirement under the Forestry Act 2014 before any felling if trees can commence.

Step 3 – Road Licence Procurement and construction

After the completion of the site assessment and a TFL has been applied for, Axe Forestry will make an application to the relevant authorities i.e. Local County Council for planning and The Forest Service in order to obtain a road approval licence to construct a road.

There is no cost to the landowner for any of the applications made on your behalf to obtain all relevant approvals for relevant authorities.

For more info on Forest roads click here

Step 4 – Axe Forestry Thinning Packages

The Thinning/Harvesting package offered by Axe Forestry Ltd will be agreed before the commencement of any works.

Our most popular package with landowners include a lump sum price agreement before the commencement of thinning/harvesting operations.

However, a package agreement can be made to meet your specific requirement.

Step 5 – Post Thinning/Harvesting Operations

Re-planting and management operations will be carried out by Axe Forestry on your behalf. There is no cost you, the landowner, for this operation as this will be agreed in advance in our Thinning/Harvesting Packages.