Forest Roads Planning Permission

Planning Permission

As part of the Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2011 (Section 17) stipulates that the creation of an access from forest road to a public road must be approved by the relevant Planning Authority. Application under the Forest Road Scheme must be accompanied by:

  • Written confirmation from the local authority certifying that the development does not require planning permission: or
  • Confirmation that planning permission has been obtained, a copy of which must be submitted with the application: or
  • Evidence of application for planning permission e.g. planning application number from the local authority that an application has been submitted.

Axe Forestry will apply for planning permission on your behalf. We do this as part of the overall package where we assess and measure your timber quantity and quality and agree a lump sum price, which will be paid to you for the timber log that comes from your thinning. We then apply to the forest service for a Felling License, Forest road grant approval and we also apply to the local County Council for planning permission.

There is no cash outlay by you the forest owner. We take care of the whole process.


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