Forestry Planting

Irelands vibrant forestry sector is playing an increasingly important economic, environmental and social role in our farming and rural communities. Ireland has the best climate in Europe for growing trees, but we need to plant more trees to meet an increasing demand for timber (Harvesting Information) from our dynamic processing and renewable energy sectors.

The advantages of Forestry:

  • Annual tax-free premium for 15yrs
  • Full establishment grant – costs you nothing
  • Retain full single farm payment entitlements
  • Retain 100% ownership of land & trees
  • Tax free income on timber sales
  • Tax efficient for inheritance tax
  • Tax efficient for capital gains tax
  • Timber is a secure pension plan
  • Beneficial to the environment through carbon storage which lowers our carbon footprint.


To encourage the planting of more forests, a range of planting schemes with attractive afforestation grants & annual premiums are now available to landowners. Forest establishment is 100% funded by the Department of Agriculture, Forest Service in Ireland and the afforestation grant supports the cost of planting and maintaining the forest including Axe Forestry Ltd services for the first 4 years ensuring that there is no cost to the landowner.

The introduction of the new forestry scheme has seen the removal of farmer and non-farmer rates, with a uniform premium for every landowner for 15 years tax-free. On top of that, they retain their ownership on a forest that is increasing in value annually. You will also retain your Single Farm Payment. This provides additional, secure and regular income for landowners, particularly on marginal land.

Call Axe Forestry for a free consultation, where a member of our experienced staff will survey your land and advise you on the best way forward. Forestry establishment is completely covered by a full state backed grant as Ireland, with one of the lowest percentages of forestry cover in Europe, needs to increase its coverage from its current 11% to 18%.